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Application of temperature monitoring system in medical refrigerator

Source:Shanghai Feirui Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.Date:2018-08-17

  We all know that medicine as a special commodity is in fact directly related to people's life and health problems. Therefore, the storage of some medicines has become particularly important, such as insulin erythropoietin, vaccine vaccine, blood serum products, etc. If stored at a specified temperature, the medicine may fail, not only preventive treatment, but also Delay the patient's condition. Therefore, how to ensure the quality and safety of drugs in the production, transportation and storage of drugs is an important issue of concern to the government drug regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies at all levels. As an important part of drug circulation, drug storage plays an important role in the circulation of drugs, and is also the focus of the drug regulatory department. It can be seen that it is necessary to apply the temperature and humidity monitoring system of the pharmaceutical low temperature refrigerator in medicine.

  The temperature and humidity monitoring system of the low temperature refrigerator (refrigerator, cold storage temperature and humidity monitoring system) is mainly used to monitor the CDC, the vaccination door rash, the core disease prevention and control institute and other related units, the refrigerator, the freezer temperature, the cold storage temperature and humidity, and the designated section. Indoor temperature and humidity, to ensure that the temperature, temperature and humidity of the monitoring object meet the requirements of the industry, to ensure the safety of drugs, vaccines, test samples and other storage. By comparing the medical refrigerator with the ordinary household refrigerator with the wireless monitoring system of the cold chain equipment, the medical laboratory should use the medical refrigerator for the clinical test samples and blood products to ensure the quality of the samples, reagents and blood products, and ensure the clinical examination of the hospital. The safety and accuracy of the work.

  The introduction and application of temperature and humidity monitoring system in medical low-temperature refrigerators makes the cumbersome temperature monitoring work easy and convenient, freeing the staff from this work, freeing up more time to invest in other work, saving The labor force has also avoided the failure of equipment failure to be discovered in time, resulting in damage to the test samples and blood products, and economic losses to the hospital. The operation of the equipment is guaranteed, and the quality of the samples and blood products is guaranteed. It lays a solid foundation for us to provide safer blood products, more accurate test data and conclusions to the majority of patients.

  In short, in the prevention and control of diseases, scientific use of the refrigerator temperature monitoring system can effectively guarantee the safety of various drugs and vaccines in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. At the same time, the user saves the cumbersome system maintenance work, so that people who do not have any professional knowledge for computers or electronics can use this system well for environmental management and monitoring of the cold chain.

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