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What is the engine room power system, what equipment is included?

Source:Shanghai Feirui Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.Date:2018-08-17

  [1] Definition of the engine room power environment system:

  The equipment room environment and power equipment monitoring system is mainly for the operation status, temperature, humidity, cleanliness and power supply voltage of the equipment room equipment (such as power supply and distribution system, UPS power supply, lightning protection device, air conditioning, fire protection system, security access control system, etc.). , current, frequency, switching status of the power distribution system, leak detection system, etc. to monitor and record historical data in real time, realize the management functions of telemetry, remote signaling, remote control and remote adjustment of the equipment room, and provide powerful management for the efficient management and safe operation of the equipment room. Guarantee.

  [2] Main equipment of the engine room power environment system:

  1. Distribution monitoring subsystem:

  Intelligent power meter (LCD), current transformer, switch acquisition module

  2. UPS monitoring subsystem:

  Intelligent device monitoring module, UPS monitoring software interface

  3. Air conditioning monitoring subsystem:

  Intelligent equipment monitoring module, precision air conditioning monitoring software interface

  4. Temperature and humidity monitoring subsystem:

  Temperature and humidity sensor (with display), temperature and humidity monitoring software interface

  5. Water leakage detection subsystem:

  Water immersion sensor, water leakage sensing line, water leakage monitoring software interface

  6. Access control monitoring subsystem:

  Four-door one-way network control board, chassis power supply, Adroitor password reader, ID thick card, multi-line electric plug lock, door open button, access control monitoring software interface

  7, video monitoring subsystem:

  Infrared color hemisphere, network hard disk recorder hard disk, power supply, video monitoring software interface

  8. Fire monitoring subsystem:

  Intermediate relay, fire monitoring software interface

  9. New fan monitoring subsystem:

  Intermediate relay, AC contactor, condition monitoring sensor, new fan monitoring software interface

  10. Monitoring center platform configuration:

  Embedded environment monitoring host, centralized monitoring platform software, mobile phone micro-control platform software, 3D floor plan, server + display, mail alarm system, SMS alarm system (including telephone dialing), sound and light alarm system