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The significance of real-time monitoring system for intelligent power distribution room environment

Source:Shanghai Feirui Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.Date:2018-08-17

  Whether the power parameters in the power distribution room are normal or not seriously affects the operation of relevant departments of the enterprise. For the environmental monitoring of the distribution room, there are mainly high-voltage cabinets, low-voltage inlet cabinets, communication cabinets, and feeder cabinets. Using modern electronic technology, computer technology, network technology and field bus technology to conduct distributed data collection and centralized monitoring and management of the variable power distribution system. The secondary equipment of the power distribution system is networked, and the field devices of the distributed power distribution stations are connected as an organic whole through the computer and the communication network to realize remote monitoring and centralized management of the power grid operation. To ensure safe, reliable and efficient use of electricity.

  The intelligent power distribution room environment real-time monitoring system has a large function and a complicated structure. It consists of multi-function network power meter, switch quantity, analog quantity acquisition module, intelligent circuit breaker, data communication server, professional computer monitoring terminal and alarm device. The user can remotely monitor important values such as voltage and current, and realize remote real-time monitoring of the power environment of the power distribution cabinet of the power distribution room, so that you can better grasp the operation of the whole system.

  The intelligent power distribution room environment real-time monitoring system has been widely used in the power monitoring system of power systems, public facilities, and intelligent buildings.