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The meaning of power environment monitoring system
With the development of mobile technology and cloud computing, there are more and more equipment in the computer room. In order to ensure the normal operating environment of the computer room, the power environment monitoring system in the computer room is very important. What is the meaning of the power plant environment monitoring system?
Ten errors that you need to avoid in actual wiring
Gigabit networks are now popular, but there are still many companies that need to continue to use hundreds of megabits to the desktop network connection. For example, some companies need to relocate to a new office location, which requires redeployment of the network line, whether it should use the traditional network cable technology to meet the current application, or choose a new network cable technology that can be continuously upgraded in the next few years. It will be in front of us.
The significance of real-time monitoring system for intelligent power distribution room environment
Whether the power parameters in the power distribution room are normal or not seriously affects the operation of relevant departments of the enterprise. For the environmental monitoring of the distribution room, there are mainly high-voltage cabinets, low-voltage inlet cabinets, communication cabinets, and feeder cabinets.
What is the engine room power system, what equipment is included?
The equipment room environment and power equipment monitoring system is mainly for the operation status, temperature, humidity, cleanliness and power supply voltage of the equipment room equipment (such as power supply and distribution system, UPS power supply, lightning protection device, air conditioning, fire protection system, security access control system, etc.).
Application of temperature monitoring system in medical refrigerator
We all know that medicine as a special commodity is in fact directly related to people's life and health problems. Therefore, the storage of some medicines has become particularly important, such as insulin erythropoietin, vaccine vaccine, blood serum products, etc. If stored at a specified temperature, the medicine may fail, not only preventive treatment, but also Delay the patient's condition.
Concept and definition of machine room dynamic ring monitoring system
Do you have a little understanding of the concept and definition of the machine room dynamic ring monitoring system? Today, Shanghai Feirui Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. gives you an explanation of the installation precautions for explosion-proof cameras. Let's take a look at it.
Electrical fire monitoring system settings sharing
Today, Shanghai Feirui Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. brings you the sharing of electrical fire monitoring system settings. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.
Basic knowledge of computer room environment monitoring system
Do you know a little about the computer room environmental monitoring system? Today, Shanghai Feirui Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. brought relevant explanations. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.
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