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Feirui measurement and control is a software enterprise in Shanghai, which has a number of independent intellectual property products, and Shanghai high-wage technology achievements transformation projects, as well as China's innovation fund projects. Many power environment monitoring systems developed by Fei Rui, such as power environment monitoring system of computer room, temperature monitoring system of medical refrigerator, temperature and humidity monitoring system of warehouse, are advanced in technology and stable in operation, and are well received by the majority of users.
Suzhou Ya Qin electronic technology project case
SMS alarm platform function: Acquisition of temperature and humidity data, leakage state, smoke state, when the room data exceeded the limit, the acquisition of room power-off state, when the room power-off, SMS alarm
Project case of Shanghai Family Planning Research Institute
Shanghai Family Planning Research Institute (SIPPR) was established in 1978. It belongs to Shanghai Academy of Sciences. It is a public welfare research institution jointly established by Shanghai Municipal Government and the Ministry of Population and Family Planning Commission. The company monitors the environmental parameters of Shanghai Family Planning Research Institute.
Shenyin Wanguo Securities Company project case
Shenyin Wanguo Securities Co., Ltd. has more than 150 business outlets all over the country, each outlet has a computer room, the headquarters needs to monitor the temperature and humidity of each outlet computer room, when the temperature and humidity of the computer room exceeds the standard, notify the headquarters management personnel and the person in charge of the network computer room respectively; the project was implemented in 2008, is still in normal operation. Use, sign long-term after-sales maintenance agreement.
China Mobile Zhangjiang data center IDC room monitoring
Shanghai Mobile Zhangjiang IDC room covers an area of 20,000 square meters, specially designed for Tencent, Baidu and other tailor-made high-end IDC room. Project type: IDC computer room network monitoring Network scale: 3 computer rooms, more than 100 temperature and humidity, leakage monitoring and air conditioning system monitoring;
Medical storage user case
Founded in 2006, Feirui is a high-tech enterprise registered in Shanghai Polytechnic University - University Science Park. As the overall solution provider of power environmental monitoring, Feirui measurement and control system provides integrated services of power and environmental monitoring for customers relying on the strong research and development advantages of universities.
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