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Feirui measurement and control is a software enterprise in Shanghai, which has a number of independent intellectual property products, and Shanghai high-wage technology achievements transformation projects, as well as China's innovation fund projects. Many power environment monitoring systems developed by Fei Rui, such as power environment monitoring system of computer room, temperature monitoring system of medical refrigerator, temperature and humidity monitoring system of warehouse, are advanced in technology and stable in operation, and are well received by the majority of users.
Suzhou Ya Qin electronic technology project case
SMS alarm platform function: Acquisition of temperature and humidity data, leakage state, smoke state, when the room data exceeded the limit, the acquisition of room power-off state, when the room power-off, SMS alarm
The first people's Hospital of Changzhou
Feirui environmental monitoring system platform is developed independently by Feirui measurement and control, with independent intellectual property rights, the system consists of acquisition, database, Web browser. When monitoring abnormal conditions, users can be notified by multiple alarms.
Case study of Shanghai fuming biological project
Laboratory, as an important part of scientific research and teaching process, is an important place for comprehensive training of talents. With the progress of science, people's demand for intelligent monitoring is becoming higher and higher. The integrated laboratory monitoring as a part of intelligent monitoring will also play a more important role. Based on the Internet of Things (IOT) technology, the integrated monitoring system for laboratory environment introduced by our company introduces the idea of modular design.
Project case of Shanghai Family Planning Research Institute
Shanghai Family Planning Research Institute (SIPPR) was established in 1978. It belongs to Shanghai Academy of Sciences. It is a public welfare research institution jointly established by Shanghai Municipal Government and the Ministry of Population and Family Planning Commission. The company monitors the environmental parameters of Shanghai Family Planning Research Institute.
Whampoa Public Security Bureau computer host room environmental monitoring project case
Project Name: equipment used by the Whampoa Public Security Bureau computer host room environmental monitoring project: Alarm host, data acquisition module, leakage sensor, data acquisition module (leakage), UPS communication software, data acquisition module (UPS), monitoring software, electrical cabinet and power supply.
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