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Power environment intelligent monitoring solution

  Power distribution room monitoring and management system

  Distribution intelligent environment monitoring system

  Ring network cabinet environment intelligent monitoring system

  Power distribution room management system

  Substation monitoring system

  I. Overview

  For a long time, power distribution room management has always been one of the weak links in the reliability of power supply system operation management. Some power distribution room switch trips and power distribution room environment overheating affect equipment operation, power distribution room flooding causes equipment damage, power distribution The stolen equipment, etc., is easy to burn equipment, and it is easy to affect the normal power consumption of users, and these faults are often overlooked. However, for many years, due to the lack of detection methods in this area, low-voltage distribution networks generally measure the power distribution devices and inspections on a typical basis every year or quarter. The result is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Reflecting the real situation, it is also impossible to solve the actual problem in time. To this end, it is necessary to develop and promote monitoring devices for distribution networks.

  Feirui power distribution environment monitoring system is an important part of the whole power management system. Generally, the temperature and humidity of the power distribution room in the low-voltage network, the power distribution switch status, water leakage, smoke and the anti-theft of the power distribution room are monitored. Local linkage control, remote centralized monitoring, and SMS alarm for various parameters and status of important equipment operating status of the power distribution room. The system uses an industrial-specific data collector, which is highly reliable and flexible in configuration, and can be added at any time according to actual needs. And the site is equipped with a touch screen for easy viewing and operation.

  Second, monitoring parameters

Monitorable parameters

Ambient temperature and humidity

Busbar row/cable head temperature

Transformer temperature



Leakage protector action state

Leaking water

Cable ditch water level

Access control

Infrared security

Open fire


O2 content



Linkage control parameter

Air conditioning



Water pump


Sound and light alarm

  Third, the scope of application

  Applicable to:

  1, power distribution room

  2. Substation,

  3, box type change, ring network cabinet

  4, branch box

  5, the machine room

  Safety monitoring, environmental monitoring, equipment condition monitoring and safety warning in power-related areas;

  Fourth, product features

  1. Unified data storage, automatic processing and integrated display of all video, environment, infrared anti-theft, fire alarm, personnel access, equipment status, operation record and other data in the power distribution room.

  2. Each site subsystem runs independently, with its own local linkage control and abnormal alarm function. This monitoring network has high stability and security.

  3. Through the organic integration of each site subsystem, the management center personnel can grasp the situation in each site in real time, and remotely control the equipment of each site, effectively improving management efficiency.

  Five, system topology

  Sixth, design specifications

  According to the requirements of project monitoring and the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, we have carefully studied and analyzed the design of this system. The system has the characteristics of advanced performance, reliable quality, economical and practical, and the system has the ability to easily expand and seamlessly connect with other information systems. It laid the foundation for the visual management of security systems.

  Relevant specifications based on:

  "Safety Management Practices for Power Distribution Rooms" (DB11 527-2008)

  "Distribution Safety Management" (national word bb2011)

  "Engineering Intelligent System Engineering Design Standards" (DB32/191-1998)

  "Types and Safety Technical Requirements for System Grounding" (GB14050-93)

  "Technical Specifications for Safety and Prevention Engineering" (GB50348-2004)

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