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Medical refrigerator environment wireless monitoring system

  ▶Medical ultra-low temperature refrigerator / cold storage / incubator environment temperature and humidity wireless monitoring system

  This system is suitable for all types of refrigerators, incubators, cold storage and test environments of various brands in the laboratory. Remote refrigerator temperature monitoring is possible. It can monitor the temperature of a large area of multiple points, and transfer the data to a PC for data storage and analysis, and output a print curve. The data can be output in various forms. The refrigerator temperature monitoring interface can be conveniently viewed in the form of a list and a trend chart. In the case of abnormal equipment, the corresponding personnel are also notified by various forms of alarms. At the same time, the system has powerful hierarchical management functions, providing a multi-level management and monitoring platform for user management of different levels. The system also has good scalability, which provides a huge expansion space for users' future expansion. The system combines SMS and GSM SMS technology to make use of the global resources of the Internet to create a low-cost, feature-rich unattended refrigerator temperature solution.

  ▶ Networking mode

  Wireless, LAN, Internet, or a variety of networking methods.

  ▶ Refrigerator temperature centralized management system (Zigbee/433M solution)

  ▶ Distributed refrigerator temperature centralized management system (GPRS/CDMA solution)

  ▶ monitoring software interface

  ▶Mobile device APP monitoring interface

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