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Medium and small computer room environmental monitoring

  ▶ EzDAQ EPS machine room moving ring monitoring system

  The equipment room environmental monitoring system is mainly used for remote (near) monitoring of various parameters such as temperature, humidity, smoke, noise, air cleanliness and power supply voltage of the communication room. The system provides strict monitoring and management of the temperature of the equipment room, and transmits the data to the PC for data storage and analysis, and outputs the printing curve. In the abnormal situation of the equipment, the corresponding personnel are notified by various forms of alarms, so that the monitoring of the equipment room is achieved. People or few people are on duty, providing a strong guarantee for efficient management and safe operation of the computer room. The system combines SMS and GSM SMS technology to make use of the global resources of the Internet to create a low-cost, feature-rich unattended machine room solution.

  ▶System function

  Support 4 channels of analog input monitoring, such as temperature and humidity

  Support 8-channel switch input monitoring, such as power failure, water leakage, smoke detection

  Support 8-channel collector output control, such as controlling 2-24V relay

  Support SMS for remote control

  Support daily timed SMS report device status

  Support SMS alarm, up to 10 alarm numbers can be set

  Support phone ringing alarm

  Alarm content can be customized by user

  Support infrared detection to detect whether doors, windows, drawers, etc. are illegally opened or moved, or illegal personnel enter

  Support remote or time switch devices, lighting, exhaust fans, etc.

  Can be connected to a computer for computer monitoring and recording temperature critical data and alarm records

  ▶Network structure

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  ▶Software platform for various copyrights, product registration, high-tech achievements conversion certificate

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