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Solution of GLP Laboratory environmental monitoring system

Solution of GLP Laboratory environmental monitoring system

According to the requirements of GLP, the system provides strict monitoring and management of Laboratory environmental parameters, such as room temperature and humidity, refrigerator temperature, pressure difference, illumination, cleanliness, ammonia concentration, fan operation state, air conditioning operation state, video and so on, and transmits the environmental data collected by laboratory room to PC for data storage. By analyzing and monitoring the various environmental parameters of the laboratory in real time, it is convenient for the laboratory staff to monitor the room centrally. In the case of abnormal environmental parameters, the system can use a variety of alarm forms (voice alarm, telephone alarm, short message alarm, mail alarm) to inform the corresponding personnel, and timely respond to the occurrence of the situation. Respond to the situation. The system also has good expansibility, which provides huge space for users to expand their functions in the future. The application of the system can realize the automatic, comprehensive, centralized and intelligent development of laboratory management, and effectively promote the research and development of disease prevention and control in line with international standards.

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