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Room monitoring solution - Fei Rui cloud monitoring

Fei Ruiyun Internet of things room power environment monitoring cloud platform

Feirui Computer Room Monitoring Cloud Platform is not a traditional monitoring system, from the cloud monitoring computer room, not only reduces the traditional equipment purchased and software licensing costs, but also deploys the application software on the cloud server, eliminating the user's server hardware, network security equipment and software upgrade maintenance costs, effective monitoring. Temperature and Humidity, Leakage, Smoke Sense, UPS, Power Supply Voltage, Air Conditioning and so on, Handset Monitoring and Warning in Time


Why do we all choose Fei Rui Yun?

Constitution of computer room monitoring system

Fei Ruiyun Internet of Things computer room monitoring system, there are Fei Ruiyun platform, alarm host, detector, SIM card main city, detector optional temperature and humidity sensor, leakage sensor, smoke sensor, ups monitoring, infrared detection, air conditioning detection;

Network topology

Monitoring project

Temperature and humidity monitoring, power supply voltage, UPS, air conditioning fan, leakage monitoring, access control, smoke feeling

Characteristic function

Query method

Note: IE browsing and mobile browsing only support GPRS models. Computer clients need software to browse.

Alarm mode

Work page display

Mobile interface display

Field use effect