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Cold storage temperature and humidity monitoring solution

The text screen can also be changed into a touch-screen solution. Please call or leave a message for specific items.

Product introduction

According to the characteristics of cold storage management, the cold storage temperature short message alarm is developed to realize the alarm of high and low temperature exceeding limit, blackout alarm, sensor fault alarm, short message query real-time temperature and so on, so as to achieve the goal of cold storage unattended and remote monitoring. At the same time, the host computer software can be matched to realize computer temperature display, storage, query, report forms, printing and other functions

System composition

Short-line alarm host (4 temperatures can be measured), high-precision cold storage temperature sensor (-50 degrees - + 90 degrees), text display (optional).

Functional introduction

1. cold storage temperature is too high or too low, send alarm messages to the duty personnel, and dial the reminder.

2. when repairing cold storage or picking up goods, the panel can be withdrawn without alarm messages.

3. when the cold store is out of power, it sends out a short message alarm and sends SMS alerts when the caller is restored.

4. field screen displays real-time temperature and alarm information, setting alarm threshold (matching text display).

5. when the temperature alarm, the loudspeaker sends out the alarm sound, and the loudspeaker can be connected to the duty room.

6., the temperature can be sent to the mobile phone in the form of short message.

7. mobile phone number can be increased by SMS at any time.

8. can realize computer remote monitoring or mobile phone web page to view cold storage temperature.

9. If it is a GPRS model, you can see whether it is refrigerating or defrosting by the embedded web page or mobile phone. Is the compressor running and can be controlled remotely?

10. The setting of defrosting delay in cold storage can check whether there is defrosting output point on the controller of cold storage. After taking this signal, the alarm can be avoided when defrosting.

11. When the cold storage is open, if you can add a door magnetic switch to get the signal of opening the door, you can also set the door to pick up the goods for a long time without alarming.

Scheme features

1. unique SMS and harassing firewall technology to ensure stable operation of the system.

2. It can realize multi-point temperature average alarm, unique anti-false alarm technology and delayed alarm, prevent frost blooming time false alarm.

3. strong anti-interference ability, can be directly installed in the electric cabinet.

4. power failure alarm uses super capacitor, no lithium battery, long life, no life-long maintenance.

5. the first industry can achieve SMS inquiries and prevent arrears.

6. even if the SMS is busy during holidays, the alarm can be dialed by telephone.

7. overall electrical box solution, easy to install.

Screen operation instructions

Note: SYS indicator on the SMS controller: red, often bright means in the deployment state, flashing means in the withdrawal state, withdrawal will ignore any temperature alarm text messages generation and sending!

In this picture, press ALM button to change the state of defense and withdrawal.