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Monitoring solution for pharmaceutical industry

System description

Strictly monitor and manage the temperature and humidity of the pharmaceutical workshop and workshop. The system can monitor the temperature and humidity of many points in a large area, and transfer the data to PC for data storage and analysis, and print out the curve. In the case of abnormal equipment, it can also notify the relevant personnel of various forms of alarm. The system conforms to the FDA Part 11 standard.

Wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system combines wireless transmission technology, making use of the global resources of GPRS, CDMA and the Internet to create a low-cost, functional and rich unattended monitoring system solutions. When the temperature and humidity of the factory is abnormal, short message alarm or call a pre-set telephone number can be notified at different times to different duty personnel, the number can be set short message group. By ringing the telephone or mobile phone, the system can send short messages and e-mails about the current temperature and humidity of the factory building, and fully realize the remote monitoring of unattended.

The system is also suitable for cold storage, grain depot, food workshop, GMP pharmaceutical workshop, electronic workshop, computer room, incubator, greenhouse, laboratory and other high environmental temperature and humidity requirements occasions.

system function

The system functions include real-time recording, over-limit alarm, short message alarm, voice phone alarm, data storage, data statistical analysis, printing/reporting, mobile phone remote monitoring, remote monitoring, multi-user hierarchical management, electronic signature, reserved interface scalability.