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As a total solution service provider for power environment monitoring, the company has independently developed a variety of automated monitoring systems, including:

1. Power environment: computer room power environment monitoring system, substation remote monitoring system, base station remote monitoring system, etc.;

2, refrigerator monitoring categories: hospital cold chain refrigerator temperature monitoring system, CDC cold chain equipment remote monitoring system, biopharmaceutical cold chain equipment remote monitoring system;

3. Laboratory environment: GLP laboratory environmental monitoring system, animal experiment center environmental monitoring system, etc.

4, storage environment: GSP warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring system, cold storage temperature monitoring system, archives environmental monitoring system, ammunition library environmental monitoring system, special remote monitoring system for fresh storage

5. Building automation: hotel central air conditioning intelligent control management system, building automation system, precision air conditioning monitoring system, base station air conditioning monitoring system, industrial chiller monitoring system;

These intelligent monitoring systems are reliable and stable, and are escorted by users in various industries.