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Electronic plant environment temperature and humidity monitoring system

Product Details

  ▶Electronic plant environment temperature and humidity monitoring system

  The system mainly provides strict temperature monitoring and management of the temperature of electronic workshops, power distribution rooms, fan rooms, air compressor stations, power rooms and other spaces. The system can monitor the temperature of a large area of multiple points, and transmit the data to the PC for data storage and analysis, and output the print curve. In the case of abnormal equipment, the corresponding personnel are notified by various forms of alarms.

  The system can also combine SMS and GSM SMS technology to make use of the global resources of the Internet to create a low-cost, feature-rich unattended monitoring system solution. When the temperature of the plant is abnormal, a short message alarm can be set, short message grouping can be set, and different on-duty personnel can be notified at different times.

  ▶System topology

  ▶Application environment

  ▶Mobile device alarm information, collection list interface

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