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Dangerous goods warehouse ammunition library temperature and humidity monitoring system

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  ▶ Dangerous goods store temperature and humidity monitoring system

  Ammunition is mainly stored in the warehouse from the factory to the combat or training use. In the long-term storage process, the ammunition is in a macroscopic still state. But its quality is constantly changing. This is because ammunition is mainly composed of metal and charge. During long-term storage, the metal will rust due to the influence of temperature and humidity. Thereby the strength of the metal part is lowered. The surface mechanical properties deteriorate and seriously affect the use of ammunition. It can even cause a major accident. Temperature and humidity also change the physical and chemical properties of the ammunition charge. So that it loses its required technical skills. Therefore, temperature and humidity are the main contradictions in the quality of ammunition. According to the warehouse conditions of our army, the climatic conditions of our country and the current management level of the warehouse. It is usually specified that the maximum temperature does not exceed 30 °C. The maximum humidity does not exceed 70%. This is commonly referred to as the "Sanqi" line.

  The Feirui arsenal environmental monitoring system can monitor the temperature and humidity of a large area and multi-point, and transfer the data to the PC for data storage and analysis, and output the printing curve. In the abnormal situation of the equipment, it can also be in various forms. The alarm informs the appropriate personnel.

  The system can also combine SMS and GSM SMS technology to make use of the global resources of the Internet to create a low-cost, feature-rich unattended monitoring system solution. In the event of an abnormality in the cold storage, a short message alarm can be set, short message grouping can be set, and different duty personnel can be notified at different times. By means of ringing or e-mailing by mobile phone or telephone, the system can send short messages and e-mails of the current operation of the cold storage device to fully realize unattended remote monitoring.

  ▶ System topology

  ▶Touch screen control interface

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