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Archives warehouse cold storage temperature and humidity monitoring system

Product Details

  ▶ Medium and large archives warehouse cold storage temperature and humidity monitoring system

  The automatic monitoring system for temperature and humidity of the archives room realizes the long-term recording and collection of data by using the low-cost measurement and control equipment to achieve stable measurement of the temperature and humidity of the archives in accordance with the relevant Interim Provisions on the Management of Archives in the Archives. It can realize the automatic management of warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring, recording and analysis. It can send various alarm signals (such as Mingdi alarm, telephone alarm, SMS alarm, E-mail alarm, etc.) when the temperature and humidity exceed the warning line. The warehouse automatically opens the adjustment equipment to adjust the temperature and humidity in time to adapt it to the storage environment required by the archives. At the same time, by regulating the equipment system and optimizing the operation state of the air conditioner, energy saving can be achieved. The system uses intelligent fieldbus technology. Only the digital signal is transmitted in the whole system, and the sensors and acquisition modules can be networked, which makes the system more reliable and convenient. The intelligent fieldbus network also provides the possibility for function extension. .

  ▶ Monitoring project

  ◆ Temperature and humidity monitoring system

  Air conditioning, dehumidifier, humidifier and other equipment control, automatic control of temperature and humidity;

  ◆ Access control system

  Manage the smart card access control, the system automatically records the staff access information;

  ◆ Smoke detection system

  Install smoke detectors in warehouses, corridors, stairs, etc., when an alarm occurs, automatically send an alarm signal

  ◆ Video system

  Install cameras in key locations in the warehouse and implement 24-hour video surveillance on the warehouse;

  ◆ Ventilation control system

  Automatic control, timing control, etc. to open/close ventilation and ventilation equipment to achieve automatic ventilation and ventilation purposes;

  ◆ Water leakage detection system

  Detect leaks in key parts such as air leaks, door and window leaks, and avoid damaging damage to the files caused by water leaks. And automatically send an alarm signal;

  ◆ Disinfection and sterilization system

  Automatic control, timing control, etc. automatically turn on/off the disinfection and sterilization equipment to kill various virus bacteria.

  ▶ System function

  (1) 24-hour real-time monitoring

  The system operates 24 hours a day, and the temperature and humidity of the archives are monitored stably for a long time, which provides strong security for the preservation of files and saves a lot of labor costs.

  (2) Computer automatic control

  In the monitoring process, if the monitoring result is found to exceed the set condition, combined with the state information collected by the air-conditioning equipment, timely issue control instructions to the air-conditioning equipment to adjust the temperature and humidity of the warehouse. In addition, through the control of frequency conversion, air volume change, control of chilled water pump speed and reasonable dispatching operation of water tower group, combined with outdoor climatic conditions, the entire air conditioning system achieves optimal operation. In special cases, you can switch to manual intervention mode to adapt to the changing field environment.

  (3) Real-time data\history data shows environmental changes

  The real-time trend curve can display the data collected by the system in real-time curve to observe the monitoring status of the system.

  The historical curve\report can display the daily, monthly and annual parameter variation curves of each measurement parameter, and the system parameter values can be set reasonably according to the curve.

  (4) Various display modes of curves and reports

  Curves, reports and other ways to display, can compare the temperature and humidity curves of multiple rooms in the same time period, more convenient to compare the changes of environmental parameters in multiple rooms, and can provide the necessary data analysis tools according to the requirements of management personnel.

  (5) The system has good data compatibility and supports data import and export in multiple formats.

  Such as: WORD, EXCEL, PDF, TXT, HTML, images, etc.;

  (6) Various forms of alarm function, suitable for different occasions

  During the monitoring, if the monitoring result exceeds the set alarm condition, the alarm will be immediately executed. The alarm forms include: sound and light alarm, telephone alarm, SMS alarm, E-mail alarm, etc.

  (7) SMS monitoring through GSM network

  The system can combine SMS messaging technology and utilize GSM global resources to create a low-cost, feature-rich automatic temperature and humidity monitoring system solution. When an abnormality occurs in the warehouse, a short message alarm can be set, a short message group can be set, and different on-duty personnel can be notified at different times. By means of ringing by mobile phone or telephone, the system can send the short message of the current temperature and humidity of the warehouse to realize remote monitoring. Only the set number can prompt the system to send short messages to improve the security of the system.

  (Note: This function requires SIM card to open caller ID)

  (8) Remote data transmission / troubleshooting

  Real-time data on the host computer can be read remotely by an authorized computer for remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

  (9) Strict hierarchical user management rights

  Strict password authorization system and user grading system to ensure that only authorized staff can manage and

  Operation. All operations are logged, and you can force comments on the corresponding log events as required by the administrator.

  There is a user's electronic signature function to achieve the equivalent of handwritten signature.

  (10) Interface is reserved during system design, which is highly scalable

  When the system is designed with corresponding interfaces, you can add monitoring items at any time, for example: add some temperature test ports,

  Humidity test port, pressure test port, etc. Even with the large-scale increase of test probes, system improvements can be made.

  In order to complete in a very short time. New content can be added at any time based on changes in policies and regulations.

  (11) Manual printing and automatic timed printing

  (12) Full Chinese interface, simple and user-friendly

  (13) Remote networking, remote monitoring, mobile phone monitoring

  ▶System topology

  ▶Mobile device alarm information, collection list interface

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