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Power failure sensor

Product Details

  ▶ Power failure sensor Power failure alarm

  It can output signals immediately when the power grid or power supply equipment is powered off, and is suitable for computer rooms, electric duty duty rooms, power supply companies, etc.

  ▶ Technical performance

  1. Output mode: passive switching quantity, normally open and normally closed.

  2. Monitoring voltage: AC220V (200V-250V).

  3. Volume: 83×58×33mm, including mounting hole 109×58×33mm.

  ▶ How to use

  1. In the normal state, the power plug is connected to the 220V power supply, the black line at the output end is a common point, the green is normally open, and the red is normally closed.

  2. When a power failure occurs, the output signal jumps, green and black become closed, and red and black become disconnected.

  3, can be manually powered off regularly to check whether its work is normal.

  Note: This product is the auxiliary equipment of the equipment room and is not responsible for the failure of the original equipment in the equipment room.

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