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UPS Network Monitoring Adapter UPS Protocol Converter

Product Details

  ▶ UPS-IPGuard

  UPS-IPGuard is based on the intelligent communication interface of UPS. It continuously analyzes the running status data of UPS and analyzes the running status of UPS in real time. It can be used by WEB, SNMP, CLIN, TELNET, etc. to understand the running status of the equipment! It can be equipped with “temperature and humidity acquisition and acquisition module” to realize real-time detection of UPS operating environment! When an abnormality occurs, it can directly issue alarms through SNMP-TRAP, etc., promptly remind users to eliminate hidden troubles, thus greatly guaranteeing the power supply system. Reliability.

  ▶ Product characteristics

  ● Wide power input range, support 9-30V power supply, with adapter support 85-265VAC

  ● Adopt standard TCP/IP SNMP protocol! Suitable for all kinds of compatible networks

  ●Support WWW, users can view device status and manage UPS at any time through any browser on any computer.

  ● Supports various management methods such as console and TELNET to simplify user operations.

  ● Support multi-channel monitoring and expansion, optional "environmental temperature acquisition module" and "environmental temperature and humidity acquisition module" to realize computer room environment monitoring

  ●Support SNMP management, compatible: RFC1628 RFC1516

  ●With long-life battery, keep real-time clock, and have network automatic timing function

  ● Device running event storage, which is convenient for users to track the historical running status of the device.

  ● Support multi-user and access control management

  ●Open data interface, can provide OPC, OCX, etc. and secondary development components

  ● The device supports network upgrade, and can enjoy subsequent product upgrades, enhanced functions, and protects the user's investment by providing a hardware DIP switch setting mode.

  ▶Typical application diagram

  Each UPS is equipped with a UPS-IPGuard, and can expand up to 8 temperature/temperature and humidity acquisition modules to achieve centralized management of the UPS-based equipment room environment.

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